John Mischke grew up and still lives in Saint Paul, MN with his wife, Sherie.  He enjoys covering other peoples' songs and writing a few of his own while keeping his day job as a psychotherapist.
     When John was 13 he starting playing guitar and chording on the piano.  His brother had a drum set which John learned to play.  This led to an invitation to join a band (as drummer) when John was 17.  He also got to do some rhythm guitar and back up singing in the band.  He was finally pushed to sing solo in front of others when he was 19. His friends were tired of his guitar instrumentals.
     Early work as a musician was mostly in churches, on retreats, at weddings or around campfires.  There were occasional concerts, a church band and the opportunity to direct music in a couple of church settings. He got to lend his voice to the musical projects of others on several occasions and really loved the recording process.  John got to play bass for a while in another group which was a dream come true.  He played keyboard in a bar band for a year, but couldn't take the late hours or the decibel levels.
     Now, John gets to be a part of Mischke, Malone, Michael & Chris, a group that loves to play a variety of songs from mostly the 60's an 70's. What started as Mischke & Malone became Mischke, Malone & Michael and is now Mischke, Malone, Michael & Chris!